Terms & Conditions

The company shall not responsible or liable for any form of information on data lost during the course of repairs; these includes;- contacts, phone numbers, text messages, e-mails, videos, images and pictures, or ever settings.

The company shall not pay more than 50% the cost of the repairs of a device in the case loss or permanent damage to a device in the custody of the company.

The company shall charge extra of device is taken for delivery and the owner is not available or fails to meet up to their obligation to pay the agreed fees.

The company can only keep a device for a maximum period of 14 days after the delivery date after which if the client fails to collect the device, the company shall reserve the right to keep the device or do away with it as it deems fit.

The company shall not be held responsible in anyway or for any criminal offence in the case of any device given to it by any client if the device is under any form of dispute, contention or legally stolen or submitted unauthorized in any form or otherwise.

The company reserves the rights to bill/charge a client for parts replaced in a device even if the device fails to work properly or can’t be finally repaired at all.

Should a client decide not to confirm with the repairs of him/her device after the device has been diagnosed at the bill/cost communicated to him/her the company reserve the right to charge him/her consultation fees separate from the initial #1000 commitment fees collected, this charge shall be at the company discretion.

The company is not a subsidiary or an affiliate of any brand name into the production or sales of mobile devices, as such does not observe the warranty agreement of such devices.

All return jobs shall be charged for at the company’s discretion so long as the customer certified the job “okay” at the point of delivery. Except for cases where the company agrees that the client shall observe the device for a period of time, and this shall not exceed a maximum of 72 hours and shall be limited to the specific issue identified or under observation.

The company shall endeavor to keep all information on client device confidential but shall not be held liable for any bridge of such information in whatever form. 

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